Presenter Requirements
Educators and Birth Professionals

Workshop Presenter Requirements

All workshops must be presented by a qualified presenter, operating under an active workshop license, who must agree to all the terms and conditions of the Lamaze Continuing Education Policies and Procedures.

Review Lamaze Workshop Presenter Requirements

  • Demonstrate experience in labor and delivery and/or be RN or nurse midwife
  • Demonstrate interest in and understanding of current research and research process
  • Support the mission, vision, and Lamaze philosophies for pregnancy, birth and parenting
  • Be a current member of Lamaze International
  • Complete the free Nursing Evidence-Based Practice online course or demonstrate comparable achievement/academic background in research
  • Observe the workshop you desire to teach prior to teaching [strongly recommended]
  • Must be willing to teach according to the outline provided and use only approved handouts, as provided
  • Refrain from product promotion during or behavior that indicates a conflict of interest during activity

2022 Workshop Licensing Fee Structure

Independent business owners or presenters (i.e. those not affiliated with a hospital or other institution) are eligible for a 15% discount on licensing fees! Email us at to express your interest and confirm eligibility.

Lamaze is piloting a "pay-as-you-go" fee structure for independent presenters. Please email us at if you would like more information.

View current fee structure.

License Option Workshop License
1-10 Participants $618.00
11-20 Participants $927.00
21-30 Participants $1,339.00
31-40 Participants $1,751.00
41-50 Participants $2,060.00
51-60 Participants $2,343.00
61-70 Participants $2,575.00
71-80 Participants $2,781.00
81-90 Participants $2,961.00
91-100 Participants $3,090.00


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