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Teaching Resources

Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators have access to an extensive bank of teaching tools – right at your fingertips! Take advantage of this exclusive benefit by exploring tools that can help develop and enhance your practice.

Explore Teaching Tools

  • Lamaze Class Standards & Essential Content: Use these standards and content outline to develop your Lamaze class lesson plans.
  • Handouts: Our infographic handouts lay out the facts in an easy-to-understand, memorable way. Consider ordering printed poster or tear-pad versions that you can use in class or distribute to parents.
  • Online Class Presenting Partner Program: Offer convenient online classes without the hassle of creating your own! This program allows you to cover more material and reach more parents while increasing revenue and decreasing costs.
  • Brilliant Activities for Birth Educators: Connecting the Dots delivers creative ideas in this series. Explore previous posts and add these activities to your rotation!
  • Lesson Design Lab: The Lesson Design Lab hosts a collection of Lamaze curriculum resources specially developed for Lamaze members, educators, and other health care professionals in order to enhance Lamaze classes and teaching skills.

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