Online Class Presenting Partner Program
Educators and Birth Professionals

Add Lamaze Online Classes To Your Class Catalog

Have you thought about offering online childbirth education classes?

Has your hospital explored the option but found it cost prohibitive?

Let Lamaze Online Classes Work for You!

Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators and hospitals can offer evidence-based, interactive online childbirth education classes with the brand recognition of the most trusted name in childbirth education.

The Online Class Presenting Partner program is right for you if you want to:

  • Cover More Material: Time flies in an in-person course and you can only cover so much. Use Lamaze online classes to complement your in-person curriculum and cover additional topics outside the classroom.
  • Reach More Parents: Online classes are more accessible for parents who do not have the time, mobility or means to attend a live course.
  • Increase Revenue: You will earn 20% of all sales made through your personalized link.
  • Decrease Costs: Save yourself the time and money it would take to develop, support and update your own online classes. There is no cost to you to participate.

What classes are available?

Lamaze's online class catalog covers topics including pregnancy, labor and birth, breastfeeding, baby care and parenting. See the full class list and review frequently asked questions to learn more about the courses.

How does it work?

It is easy! Share your unique link through your website, direct communications or in-class collateral. When a purchase is made through your link, you will earn 20% of the sale! You will receive your earnings twice a year, once a balance of $50 has been earned.

What you receive:

  • Unique link customized for you
  • Banner image you can add to your website, emails and share on social media
  • 20% of sales from referrals
  • Top five annual partners: Lamaze cash that can be used on LamazeLIVE! registration or an online education activity


All Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators and hospital organizations are eligible.

Participants must agree to comply with the Lamaze Online Class Presenting Partner Agreement.

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