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Our goal is simple; we want all parents to feel confident, supported and powerful.


All of our recommendations are firmly grounded in the latest research.


Everyone’s journey to parenthood is unique. We welcome and respect all families.


We provide trusted information throughout your journey, recommending the safest and healthiest options to parents without judgment.

The Lamaze Six
Healthy Birth Practices

The Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices are based upon the most recent, evidence-based research. They are recommendations to help ease the birthing process and instill confidence. While some may have unique circumstances, all parents can benefit from understanding the options and information available to them.

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Connecting the Dots

Research and resources for perinatal professionals.

Returning to Work and Lactation  - What Families Need to Know about the PUMP Act

Returning to Work and Lactation  - What Families Need to Know about the PUMP Act

Human milk is the ideal food for newborns and infants. Many families face challenges in meeting their bodyfeeding goals. Interventions and events occurring at birth have a significant impact on lactation initiation. Subsequent barriers arise when lactating people return to work, and are separated from their baby for extended lengths of time. In the United States, in order to protect the bodyfeeding relationship, legislation such as the PUMP Act has been enacted and enhanced to support lactating people in the workplace.

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Giving Birth with Confidence

Trusted resources, stories and answers for parents.

Healthy Pregnancy & Birth To Do List: Postpartum Weeks 1-4

Healthy Pregnancy & Birth To Do List: Postpartum Weeks 1-4

Welcome to the first four weeks of postpartum in this month-by-month checklist guide to a healthy pregnancy, birth, and postpartum! This to-do list with a twist contains key tips and action items for optimal health and birth and post-birth preparation, in addition to reminders for fun things, too.  Take a look at the checklists from months 1-10 of pregnancy.

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Lamaze Journeys

Rebekah Otto, Editor-in-Chief, Babylist, took an online class from Lamaze during her second pregnancy. Read her VBAC birth story.

Rebekah, Oakland


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