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Distance and e-Learning Lamaze Resources for Childbirth Educators

Need to "go virtual" with your childbirth education classes?

Lamaze is here to help. Review the information and resources below to learn how you can pivot to e-learning offerings.

Explore Distance and e-Learning Resources

Lamaze Curriculum PowerPoint – NEW!

This PowerPoint presentation designed by LCCE educators and subject matter experts covers all of the Essential Content for a Lamaze class and is completely customizable to use as a visual and teaching aid. LCCE educators are free to re-arrange slides to use with your current curriculum or build your classes around the presentation. Learn more about this product.

How can I use this? With a webinar or other screen-sharing application (see more below), you can share this presentation with your class and review in real-time. Switch between presentation view and speaker view – where the learners see you – to make the class feel interactive and personal.

Pricing is as follows:

 Lamaze Member  $199
 Non-Member Educator  $299

Buy Lamaze Curriculum PowerPoint Presentation

Blended Learning with Online Lamaze Classes

You can also combine at-home learning with online, interactive classes. Parents gain an understanding of the Six Healthy Birth Practices, comfort measures, breastfeeding, and other Essential Content on their own time, and then come together in a virtual classroom to expand on the topics and practice! 

How can I use this? This “flipped classroom” iteration can be combined with a video conferencing solution if your classes are fully virtual for the time being. Have participants complete lessons outside of “class time” and expand on the lessons when you meet together virtually. Lamaze has created a detailed lesson plan for the three most popular online courses and added them to the Essential Content to show you the topics covered in the classes.

Giving Birth with Confidence Blog

Make sure you and your learners stay up to date on our Giving Birth with Confidence blog for parents. The blog covers everything from nutrition to baby-friendly date ideas; there’s no shortage of content for parents and LCCE educators to read about! Check out the last two blog posts on What to Know About COVID-19, Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding and How the Coronavirus Can Affect Having a Doula During Birth.

How can I use this? Share with your class! Look through the blog posts to find topics that you normally cover in class. Assign these readings to parents as part of their at-home learning and expand on the topics when you virtually meet with one another.


Lamaze has beautifully designed handouts and infographics that can serve as visual aids to educate your class on some of our core beliefs. Topics include epidurals, labor positions, VBAC, choosing a pregnancy care provider and much more.

How can I use this? Share with parents and use as a visual aid while you cover the content.

Video Library

The Lamaze video library contains information about the Six Healthy Birth Practices and other core messages, serving as another way to teach Lamaze content for your more visual learners.

How can I use this? Share the videos with your learners to watch independently or during your virtual classes.

Connecting the Dots Blog for Childbirth Educators

Stay up to date on research reviews, advocacy updates, resources for families, Brilliant Activities for Birth Educators (BABE activities), and other trending topics in childbirth education.

How can I use this? Use the Connecting the Dots blog content to expand your list of resources for families, stay up to date with current topics and adapt BABE activities for a virtual setting.

Digital Tools for Childbirth Educators

Note: Lamaze does not endorse any of the following products; this list is to be used as a reference tool for childbirth educators.


Zoom is a video-conferencing and webinar service that allows you to share your screen with learners, video chat with a group, engage learners in polls and discussion questions and more. Not tech savvy? Zoom offers video tutorials to teach you how to use the platform. They offer a free basic plan and Pro plans starting at $15 a month (note: their free plan comes with a 40-minute time limit for video conferences!). Check out information on their plans and services here.


GoToMeeting is another web-conferencing services that allows for screen-sharing and virtual interaction. Plans start at around $14 a month. Check out their plans and FAQs.

Google Hangouts Meet

Part of Google’s “G Suite,” this virtual meeting program integrates into your existing Google account without an additional subscription or membership fee. You can use it in an internet browser on your desktop computer or download the app on your mobile device or tablet. Find more information here.


Skype offers a variety of digital communications from video conference calls and document sharing to SMS texting and other integrations. Plans start at around $5 a month.