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Lamaze Educator Learning Guide

The Lamaze Educator Learning Guide is a self-study resource designed to help you develop the competencies of a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator. It prepares you to teach the essential content for Lamaze classes and will continue to serve as an important reference for evidence-based information throughout your professional career.

What Does the Learning Guide Cover?

The Learning Guide is the core resource used in Lamaze Childbirth Educator Seminars. It serves as a valuable resource and learning system for experienced LCCE educators who want to assess and update their knowledge base, and covers: 

  • Professional role of the childbirth educator
  • Promoting a safe and healthy pregnancy
  • Promoting safe and healthy birth
  • Guiding parents with tips for a healthy baby, start to breastfeeding and early parenting
  • Developing teaching skills for leading your own classes
  • Transforming the world of birth

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Lamaze Educator Learning Guide: 2020 Edition
Acquiring the Knowledge and Skills for Becoming a Childbirth Educator

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Educador Lamaze Guía de Aprendizaje 

La Educador Lamaze Guía de Aprendizaje es una guía interactiva para aprender el conocimiento, herramientas y competencias de una educadora prenatal. Es el currículo central utilizado en el seminario Lamaze para educadores prenatales. También puede servir como un estudio personal para educadores con experiencia quien están preparando para tomar el examen Lamaze, como un recurso o sistema de aprendizaje por educadores LCCE quien quieran evaluar e actualizar su conocimiento. 

Notificación electrónico será enviado después de su compra con información para tener acceso a su perfil. Tome nota: La Guía de Aprendizaje no es un libro físico. Compradores recibirán acceso electrónico a este recurso, que se puede imprimir si desea.

Price: $250 USD