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Evidence-Based Labor Support Workshop

Labor and delivery nurses play an essential role in ensuring healthy, satisfying birth and breastfeeding initiation. The Lamaze Evidence-Based Labor Support for Nurses Workshop educates labor and delivery nurses to create the bridge between knowledge and practice!

About the Workshop

Your organization can license and deliver this one-day workshop designed to help labor and delivery nurses, nurse managers, midwives, and staff nurses examine the evidence for labor support, develop and/or refresh labor support skills, and promote best practices for safe, satisfying, and healthy birth.

The workshop license includes:

You can obtain a curriculum license for this comprehensive workshop and take your hospital to the next level with offering a connection between what parents learn in class and experience in labor. The complete and up-to-date curriculum package is easy to teach and includes:

  • Detailed objectives and content
  • Interactive teaching activities
  • Comprehensive Presenter Materials, including full PowerPoint presentation and presenter workbook with talking points and activities integrated seamlessly)
  • Digital copy of participant workbook

What participants will gain:

Upon completion of the program, learners will have:

  • Increased confidence among participants that the supportive care they provide during labor and birth is evidence-based.
  • Strategies for implementing evidence-based labor support measures within their practices.
  • Increased knowledge of the role they play in improving Joint Commission Perinatal Care Core Measures relating to elective delivery, Cesarean birth, exclusive breastmilk feeding, and consumer satisfaction.
  • Increased expertise and skills in providing labor support.

Continuing Education Credits

This program has been planned by Lamaze International for 8.0 Lamaze Contact Hours and 9.6 hours of continuing nursing education credit (CBRN). To earn credit, attendees must sign-in, attend the entire workshop, and complete a post-workshop evaluation onsite.

Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #15932.

All workshops must be presented by a qualified  presenter, who must agree to all the terms and conditions of the Lamaze Continuing Education Policies and Procedures. Workshop presenters (individuals or institutions) are responsible for printing and distributing all workshop materials to participants and each live workshop must be limited to no more than 20 participants.

Becoming a Presenter

Follow the steps below to become a workshop presenter. 

1. Ensure you meet the Presenter Requirements
2. Apply for a workshop license (see form below) and pay the $55 application fee. Each presenter will need to fill out a Presenter Eligibility Form and upload a resume or CV within the application. Applications will be reviewed within 20 business days.
3. Upon approval, presenters are approved for a three-year period and may then purchase seats for workshop participants. Additional seats can be purchased at any time by contacting us at View the workshop licensing fee structure here.
4. Start teaching! Presenters will receive workshop materials and be able to interact with fellow presenters in our Facebook group.

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