Certification Eligibility
Educators and Birth Professionals

Eligibility Requirements to Become Lamaze Certified

Lamaze offers a three-step process to be eligible to sit for the Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE) certification exam. Lamaze International is here to guide you to education and resources that will help you acquire the training and skills you need. Explore the options below to fulfill the eligibility requirements in the way that works for you!

3 Simple Steps to Lamaze Certification

We’d love to welcome you to the ranks of Lamaze Certified Educators!

Here is the standard, most direct route for new and aspiring Lamaze educators:


Study with the Lamaze Educator Learning Guide

Order the Lamaze Educator Learning Guide to complete your self-study of the essential content for educators. 


Candidates must order their own copy of the Learning Guide through Lamaze International.


Attend a Lamaze-Accredited Childbirth Educator Seminar 

Attend a Lamaze Seminar to acquire the knowledge and skills you need to be an effective educator. Learn more.

Our trainers are among the most highly skilled childbirth educators in the world, and a Lamaze childbirth educator seminar is the gold standard for training new childbirth educators. You’ll learn how to teach creative, hands-on childbirth education for Millennials and Gen Z, all based on the highest quality evidence. You may already know a lot about birth, but our trainers will teach you how to teach. Learn more about Lamaze childbirth educator seminars.



Apply, Take and Pass the Lamaze Certification Exam

After you have completed both steps above, you are eligible to apply to take the Lamaze Certification Exam.


We’re deeply invested in training high-quality childbirth educators who will be able to pass our rigorous exam and teach creative, engaging and evidence-based classes. Completing the three steps above is the strongest path to achieving those goals.

Note: The Lamaze Certification Council develops and administers certification examinations to determine the qualifications of candidates for certification. The Council does not require, provide, or endorse any specific learning guides, training or review courses. The Council, certification staff members, and certification subject matter experts do not have involvement in the creation, accreditation, approval, endorsement or delivery of the Lamaze Educator Learning Guide or any examination review courses, preparatory materials, educational programs, or training programs that prepare candidates for the LCCE certification examination.

Alternate Ways to Become Eligible for Lamaze Certification

Already an experienced childbirth educator? Midwife or midwifery student? Other special circumstances? We still recommend that you:

Buy the Lamaze Educator Learning Guide, it will help you study for the exam and strengthen your knowledge and evidence base, with a specific focus on the core Lamaze principles.

Attend a Lamaze Childbirth Educator Seminar, where you will benefit from dozens of new teaching techniques, discover the evidence behind how adults learn and gain a transformative passion for this work.

If you’re unable to complete the standard route or if you are already an experienced and highly skilled educator or midwife, these are some alternate options to become Lamaze certified. You can choose one alternative to each of the first two recommended steps:

Choose One Alternative to Recommended Step 1: Study with the Lamaze Educator Learning Guide

Choose One Alternative to Recommended Step 2: Attend a Lamaze-Accredited Childbirth Educator Seminar

  • Document 60 hours of childbirth education teaching experience within the past three years.
  • Document your status as a current student or graduate from a midwifery training program. (This option must be paired with a Lamaze-Accredited Childbirth Educator Seminar for exam eligibility)
  • Complete an approved formal course on teaching childbirth education.

Required Step 3: Apply, Take And Pass the Lamaze Certification Exam

All Lamaze certification candidates must take the Lamaze certification exam.


Note: All eligibility requirements must be completed within three calendar years of exam registration. Attending a Lamaze-Accredited Childbirth Educator Seminar may only be used for step 1 or step 2, not both.