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Classes and Resources for Patients

In addition to our childbirth education class offerings, Lamaze has developed a number of helpful resources that are available for you to share directly with parents.

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Find Local Lamaze Classessearch for Lamaze educators in your area to find an educator to partner with and for patient referrals. Don’t see an educator in your area? Contact us at, so we can help!

Explore Online Lamaze Classes – Lamaze offers several online classes for parents covering healthy pregnancy, labor pain management, VBAC, breastfeeding, parenting and more.

Giving Birth with Confidence Blog – share this parent-focused blog with your patients that features a variety of trustworthy, timely and appealing stories, articles and tips related to pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Parent Video Library – share dozens of videos on the Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices and more.

Patient Handouts – find a variety of downloadable handouts that are great patient resources on topics ranging from healthy pregnancy to breastfeeding.

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Find local and online classes, and share other resources with your patients.

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