Educators and Birth Professionals


Your Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE) certification is the highest standard in childbirth education, a symbol of your specialized skill and experience to colleagues and expectant parents. In order to stay current and renew your LCCE credential, you must submit a recertification application every three years, along with 25 contact hours.

Recertification is defined as the requirements and procedures established as part of a certification program that certificants must meet to maintain competence and renew their certification.

How to Recertify 

Why Recertify?

Your Lamaze Certification sets you apart from other educators

You worked hard to study and pass the exam—don’t let it lapse! Your LCCE certification shows colleagues and expectant parents that you’re a seasoned, trusted educator. 

Lamaze is a trusted name in the industry, and we continuously review and update our professional resources to reflect best practices. Because of this, as of December 2019, all LCCE educators will need to take a mandatory Continuing Education course when recertifying in 2020, 2021, and 2022. You must include at least one contact hour on the Essential Content for a Lamaze Class, although you may choose to do more than one to meet your required contact hour credits for recertification. See our Lamaze Recertification FAQ page for more details.

Recertification helps you maintain and enhance your skills

Recertifying your LCCE credential ensures that you continue to grow as an educator! Lamaze educators can take advantage of the latest educational offerings and develop new teaching techniques. Explore current issues and refresh your knowledge of changes in childbirth education.

Unlock the power of Lamaze International

Your recertification includes 3 years of Lamaze membership, allowing you to connect with colleagues across the world, be part of an active advocacy community and access exclusive, evidence-based professional resources to use in your classes.

The Lamaze website is an information hub that gives you access to handouts, infographics and other materials—so you don’t have to create your own!

Lamaze Makes Recertification Easy!

Visit our online Certification Center to submit your recertification materials, track your contact hours as you earn them and submit your recertification application. If you need extra help, view our step-by-step recertification instructions.

If your certification has already lapsed…

Don’t worry! All LCCE educators are granted a grace period of 12 months in which to complete the recertification process and restore their credential by submitting 30 total credit hours and a $40 additional late fee.

If your lapse period has already expired…

If you were an LCCE, are no longer within your 12 month lapse period, and would like to regain your credential, we welcome you back! To become certified again, you will need to purchase the updated Lamaze Educator Learning Guide and pass the Certification Exam. As an expired LCCE, your exam application will be slightly different so please reach out to for more details.