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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are at the core of Lamaze International and there are many ways to be involved with promoting safe and healthy birth. Volunteer involvement will allow you to gain different forms of experience and can take as little or as much time as you have available. Your expertise, experience and leadership skills are an invaluable resource!

Ongoing Opportunities

Review the opportunities below and complete the Volunteer Interest Form to express your interest! We are accepting volunteer applications year-round.

2022-2023 Lamaze Board Candidate Search

The Search Committee is actively seeking leadership candidates for election to the Lamaze Board of Directors.  This year there will be three positions to fill. The process includes an open call and active search for candidates from among our Lamaze membership, a Candidate Application/Questionnaire with resume, and an interview process to ensure candidate leadership skills match with the needs of the Board of Directors. The search process will be driven by Lamaze strategic priorities which include – research, education, advocacy and collaboration, diversity and inclusion, and organizational vibrancy – with consideration for a healthy balance of points of view among the full composition of the board. Interested candidates must submit their application materials to info@lamaze.org for consideration by the Search Committee. 

Diversity & Outreach Committee

The Diversity & Outreach Committee was formed in line with Lamaze's strategic initiatives of diversifying membership, promoting inclusivity and equity, reaching and serving under-resourced communities, and ensuring Lamaze membership is representative of the communities we wish to serve. Committee members help the organization achieve these goals and move forward using an equity lens. Review the Diversity & Outreach Committee policies and apply today!

Education Council Positions

The Education Council is not actively seeking new volunteers at this time. Please check back at a later date for openings!  Review the Education Council Policy for more information about the various roles and processes.

Continuing Education Committee

The Continuing Education Committee is not actively seeking new volunteers at this time. Please check back at a later date for openings! Take your experience and knowledge as an LCCE educator to the next level by joining the Continuing Education Committee! Help Lamaze develop the activities that keep our educators and maternal-child health colleagues up-to-date on current evidence, information and best practices. View the qualifications and responsibilities, and submit an application today!

Advocacy + Collaboration Committee

The Advocacy + Collaboration Committee seeks to advance Lamaze International’s advocacy efforts to increase access to, and awareness of, Lamaze childbirth education and Lamaze educators. The Committee meets monthly and helps with membership messaging and engagement, regulatory comments, stakeholder relationships and Lamaze advocacy/Hill days.

This committee is a good fit for those who are passionate about advocating for evidence-based childbirth education. The Advocacy + Collaboration Committee currently has three open volunteer positions with a time commitment of three to five hours per month. 

Accreditation Council

The Accreditation Council is responsible for the accreditation and reaccreditation of Lamaze-Accredited Childbirth Educator Programs, independent programs that teach the seminars for Step Two of certification. The Council also makes policy decisions relating to accreditation matters. This includes attending Council meetings and reviewing applications to determine accreditation status. Review the Accreditation Council Policy for more information.

This council is a good fit for LCCEs with experience in CBE, experience teaching seminars and/or LCCEs passionate about extending educator reach. The Accreditation Council has four open volunteer positions with monthly time commitments varying depending on the number of applications to review (about two hours of review time per application). 

Item Writing Committee

The Item Writing Committee will be responsible for item writing and review of submitted items from total LCCE educator population to ensure the item bank is representative of the seven competencies and the exam blueprint. 

This committee is a good fit for current LCCEs with expertise in CBE with the ability to work well in groups and showing an interest in item writing The Item Writing Committee currently has seven open volunteer positions. Item writing campaigns typically occur once a year but much of the writing can be completed on your own time. Committee members will be expected to attend a few of meetings inclusive of group trainings, and encouraged to attend an item review session as seasoned item writers review the newly written items.

Exam Construction Committee

The Exam Construction Committee is responsible for the construction of the Lamaze Certification Exam and oversight of the item bank management. This includes attending scheduled meetings, reviewing and approving competency statements and test outlines, and reviewing all new potential test items for inclusion in the exam.

This committee is a good fit for LCCEs with experience in CBE, experience with item writing and/or psychometrics, and with the ability to work well in groups. The Exam Construction Committee currently has two open volunteer positions. The volunteer monthly commitment varies depending on time of year. During exam construction (1x per year), this volunteer role will require around eight hours per month with a smaller time commitment required outside the exam construction timeframe.

2022 Learning Guide Task Force

Every few years, Lamaze publishes an updated Learning Guide that provides critical information on the competencies and knowledge needed to be a Lamaze Educator. The 2022 Learning Guide Task Force will ensure the Learning Guide content is current and assist with reviewing and updating the past Learning Guide (i.e. reviewing usage of included articles, updating text/copy, recommending new resources, etc.).

This task force is a good fit for those who are passionate about Lamaze and stay up to date on evidence-based practice. The 2022 Learning Guide Task Force currently has one to two open volunteer positions with a 10-15 hours per month time commitment for three months from early May to late July 2022.

International Committee

The International Committee represents the needs of Lamaze’s international community and makes valuable contributions to the organization’s resources and strategic thinking.

This committee is a good fit for Lamaze Educators who are keen to support educators and families around the globe. The International Committee currently has one open volunteer position with a time commitment of three hours per month.

Search Committee

The Search Committee actively seeks out leadership candidates for the Board of Directors and other key leadership positions, reviews their qualifications, and recommends candidates for the election slate or appointment in accordance with the Lamaze International Bylaws and procedures established by the Board of Directors.

Manuscript Reviewers for The Journal of Perinatal Education

Manuscript reviewers will be selected by the Editor to review, on a voluntary basis, a specific manuscript in their particular area of expertise. The reviewers do not have to be members of the JPE Editorial Board or Lamaze International.

Social Media Networkers

Are you a social media maven? Consider sharing some of your online time with Lamaze. We’re looking for regular contributors for our Facebook page and Twitter account and consumer and educator blogs. 

Translators Needed

Lamaze seeks volunteers to translate our care practice papers and earn alternate credit toward recertification! The Lamaze care practice papers are invaluable resources for expectant parents around the world—we would love to be able to offer them in many more languages.

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