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Not only does Lamaze International reach thousands of childbirth educators and maternal-child health professionals throughout the year, it also influences millions of expectant parents around the world seeking evidence-based information about pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

To learn more about partnering with Lamaze, explore the options below or contact our sales team!

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Advertise with Lamaze

Expectant parents deserve the latest information about products and services to support them in their birth and parenting journey, and Lamaze International is in a unique position to share that important information. 

Partner with us to reach an audience of 40,000 expectant parents via our email blasts, connect with our 250,000+ monthly Pinterest visitors or disseminate content that would be of interest to the 10,000+ professionals visiting our website each month.

Reach Families

Lamaze is the name more families turn to than any other for reliable information about pregnancy, birth and early parenting. Align your organization with our brand to maximize your impact and expand your reach.

Custom Tip Sheets


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Partner with Lamaze to create a custom tip sheet! Tip sheets are provided to parents online, as well as to educators for use in their Lamaze class curriculum.

Work with the Lamaze team to identify a topic that will resonate with our audience, then provide your own content for approval by a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator. Lamaze will design the graphic, prominently featuring your company name and logo. 

The tip sheet will be made available online for both educators and parents, and will announce it is available through Inside Lamaze , our e-newsletter for educators.

Sponsored Email 


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Reach expecting and new parents via a dedicated email. Your email will be sent to  17,500+ parents with a 15% average open rate. You provide the file, and the Lamaze team will work with you to send the message out!

Lamaze Website Banner

$1,500 for one month | $2,500 for three months | $5,000 for six months

Promote your company prominently on the Lamaze website. Your banner will be placed on the homepage of and will be seen by the 135,000+ monthly visitors who come to our website looking for the latest resources and information about pregnancy, labor and Lamaze childbirth education classes.


Reach Educators

As the only accredited childbirth education program, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators go through a rigorous process to earn their LCCE credential. Connect with the most elite professionals empowering parents for a healthy start to parenthood.

Inside Lamaze Newsletter Banner

$1,000 per month | $3,000 per quarter

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Include a banner ad in the official Lamaze International member e-newsletter, Inside Lamaze. Distributed twice each month to 2,250+ members with a 36% average open rate and a 6% average click-through rate, this newsletter features important Lamaze updates and news, as well as articles and resources for educators and parents.

85% of Lamaze members cited Inside Lamaze as a key resource!

Sponsored Webinar

$1,500 Lamaze | $3,000 Custom

Sponsor an upcoming Lamaze webinar featuring expert content presented by Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators! Work with our team to sponsor a currently planned webinar, or suggest a topic that aligns with your brand.

Sponsorship includes recognition in promotional emails, the website and on a webinar slide, as well as the opportunity to introduce the webinar.

Sponsored Email


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Reach Lamaze educators directly via a sponsored email. Your message will be sent to 2,250+ professionals with a 43% average open rate. You provide the file, and the Lamaze team will work with you to send the message out!

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Birth is transformative and every family deserves a safe and healthy birth experience. Our goal is simple; we want all parents to feel confident, supported and powerful as they ask questions, make decisions, and navigate their path through pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

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