Recertification Fees
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Recertification Fees

As of January 1, 2015, there are no longer member/non-member certification or recertification rates. All certification rates include membership until your next recertification date. Please find your country and group below to determine your recertification fee. Pricing for recertification is based on the current World Bank economic classifications

Find Your Recertification Fee

Group A*: Australia, Canada, Israel, United Kingdom, United States
Recertification Fee: $300

Group B*: Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Romania
Recertification Fee: $275

Group C*: China, India, Philippines
Recertification Fee: $240

Group D*: Haiti, Kenya, Nigeria
Recertification Fee: $230

* If you don’t see your country listed here, please visit the recertification fee structure page for a more detailed list of countries, or contact us.

Recertification by Exam

In addition to recertifying by submitting contact hours of continuing education, you have the option of renewing your certification by retaking and successfully passing the Lamaze Certification Exam. Note that exam applications are only accepted during the exam registration period.

The fee for recertification by exam is $255. View our current exam schedule!

Additional Payment Guidelines

Fees are payable to Lamaze International (U.S. funds only). Payment by credit card or check is accepted. Checks may be mailed to:

Lamaze International
8624 Solution Center
Chicago, IL 60677