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Councils and Committees

As a non-profit membership organization our volunteers are critical to our success. Each council/ committee is developed to further our mission and their work ties back to a strategic priority.

Below is a listing of Lamaze International Councils and Committees. If you are a Lamaze member and interested in participating in our leadership, learn more about volunteering

Council and Committee Rosters

Executive Committee

Purpose: To act on behalf of the Board of Directors when the board is not in session and within the scope established in the Lamaze International Bylaws.

  • Tanya Cawthorne, President
  • Alice Turner, Past President
  • Kacy Cutler, President-Elect
  • Jessica Deeb, Secretary/Treasurer


Accreditation Council Governing Body

Purpose: Serves as the standard-setting body for accreditation of Lamaze Childbirth Educator Programs and outside organizations seeking Lamaze contact hours for educational offerings; makes policy decisions relating to accreditation matters.

  • Jenn Fontaine, Chair
  • Gemma Wilson, Member
  • Deborah Woolley, Member
  • Yogyata Wadhwa, Member
  • Linda Jackson, Member


Certification Council Governing Body

Purpose: Serves as the standard-setting body for Lamaze certification and makes policy decisions relating to certification matters.

  • Elizabeth (Betsy) Armstrong, Certification Council Chair
  • Betsy Armstrong, Chair / Public Member
  • Judy Lothian, Exam Construction Chair
  • Wendy Budin, Item Writing Committee Chair
  • Cara Terreri, At-Large Member
  • Debra McAllister, At-Large Member
  • Barbara Hotelling, At-Large Member
  • Eileen DiFrisco At-Large Member
  • Wendy Trees Shiffer, Education Council Chair (non-voting)


Education Committee

Purpose: Responsible for developing, implementing, and evaluating professional education programs that promote childbirth educator training and development. Makes policy decisions related to professional education programs.

  • Wendy Trees Shiffer, Chair
  • Ambar Rivera, Parent Education Chair
  • Renece Waller-Wise, Continuing Education Chair
  • Ashley Eaton Denton, Childbirth Educator Training and Resources Chair
  • Jamie Wasson, Member At-Large
  • Shauna Lively, Board Liaison

Finance Committee

Purpose: Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the annual budget, selection of financial audit firm and investment manager, financial policies and transfers.

  • Jessica Deeb, Secretary/Treasurer, Chair
  • Tanya Cawthorne, President 
  • Kacy Cutler, President Elect
  • Alice Turner, Past President
  • Robin Douthit, Elected Director-at-Large


Search Committee

Purpose: Actively seeks out leadership candidates for the Board of Directors and other key leadership positions, reviews their qualifications, and recommends candidates for the election slate or appointment in accordance with the Lamaze International Bylaws and procedures established by the Board of Directors.

  • Christen Sadler, Past President, Chair
  • Shauna Lively, Elected Director
  • Kathryn Konrad, General Member
  • Ambar Rivera, General Member
  • Renece Waller-Wise, General Member

Advocacy + Collaboration

Advocacy and collaboration have long been strategic priorities for Lamaze International. This committee has been established to focus on advocating for safe and healthy birth practices through access to evidence-based childbirth education for all expecting parents on local, national and international levels.

  • Sujata Gami, Chair
  • Darcie Robert, Member
  • Hellen Callans, Member
  • Julie Rauschenplat, Member
  • Krista Lumpkins, Member
  • Kim Collins, Member
  • Michael Klau-Stevens, Member 
  • Leslie Arnott, Board Liaison

Continuing Education Committee

  • Renece Waller-Wise, Chair
  • Andrea Lythgoe, Member
  • Nancy Bonilla, Member
  • Veronica Nwokem, Member
  • Melissa DeFoor, Member
  • Darcie Robert, Member
  • Megan Stauffer, Member
  • Shauna Lively, Board Liaison


Conference Planning Committee

  • Melissa DeFoor, Chair
  • Datia Rosenberg, Member
  • Linsey Griffith, Member 
  • Krista Lumpkins-Howard, Member
  • Hanan Abdul-Hameed, Member
  • Kayla Bray, Member
  • Maria Murillo, Member
  • Shauna Lively, Board Liaison


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