Lamaze Research Initiative
Educators and Birth Professionals

Lamaze Research Initiative

The Lamaze Childbirth Education Research Initiative was developed in 2017 to facilitate research into childbirth education that investigates:

  • Evaluation of childbirth education accessibility, effectiveness, acceptability, return on investment and quality
  • Best practices for delivering and receiving childbirth education
  • Parent knowledge of evidence-based birth and breastfeeding practices

Lamaze Childbirth Education Research Activities:

  • Tracking research and monitoring outcomes and measures related to childbirth education in an annotated bibliography 
  • Identifying data sources for childbirth education researchers
  • Partnering with other groups and individual researchers who are making headway in improving childbirth and maternal outcomes such as Childbirth Connection, the California Quality Initiative, and the March of Dimes
  • Collaborating with hospitals (i.e., Magnet designated), academic institutions (i.e. schools of nursing, midwifery, advanced practice nursing, public health, social work, physical therapy) to promote research into childbirth education research topics

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Resources and Partners

Potential Funding Opportunities for Childbirth Education Research

  • NIH Grants
  • New! Research Grants: To be awarded at the Annual Membership Meeting taking place at LamazeLIVE! 2019.
    • Grant Winners:

Dainah Wanja Kariuki
Maternal Outcomes Of Structured Childbirth Education At Kiambu County, Kenya: Aquasi Experimental Study

Kristen Hands
The Effect of Hospital Childbirth Class Attendance on Patient Outcomes: Rates of Primary Cesarean and Preterm Birth, Labor Induction, Length of Stay and Patient Satisfaction