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Community Birth Educators

The Community Birth Educators Lamaze Childbirth Educator Program is based in Washington, DC and envisions strong and healthy families from all communities supported by accurate, evidence-based, health-justice informed reproductive health education.


Community Birth Educators is committed to providing access to education, training, and support for educators from all communities, especially from traditionally underserved and under-represented populations.

Program Director Sarah Paksima, MPH, MBA, CD (DONA), LCCE, has been supporting families for 19 years in the United States, Kuwait, Oman, India, and Jordan as a doula, childbirth educator, and prenatal yoga instructor. She loves working with families from diverse backgrounds. Sarah and her husband work hard to keep their five children alive. She maintains her sanity by raising her children in a town with no stoplights, eating copious amounts of dark chocolate, and stocking her pantry with food her kids will eat. When she's not attending births, she enjoys watching Marvel and Jane Austen movies with her kids while folding endless piles of laundry and letting her kids bury her in the sand at the beach.

Program Director: Sarah Paksima, MPH, MBA, CD (DONA), LCCE
Phone: 301-338-8143
Seminar Registration Fee: $500.00