Healthy Birth Practices

    By: Lamaze International on Apr 15, 2012

    Healthy Birth Practices

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    Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices

    The Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices help simplify your birth process with a natural approach that helps alleviate your fears and manage pain. Regardless of your baby’s size, your labor’s length and complexity, or your confidence level, these care practices will help keep labor and your baby's birth as safe and healthy as possible. You can download the Healthy Birth Practices booklet here.

    Download the NEW! Healthy Birth Practices flyer here!

    The Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices featured in these video clips and print materials are tried-and-true ways to make birth as safe and healthy as possible.

    The Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices are also available in nine languages: English, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Romanian and Greek.

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    Birth Day

    It’s a day you’ll mark with cake and candles in the coming years—the day that you finally get to meet your new baby! You’ve waited many months for this moment, and spent considerable time thinking about how it will unfold.

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