Tight Nuchal Cord

stacy smith

Tight Nuchal Cord

when my son was born he had the cord tightly around neck twice. my OB cut the cord immediately.. before his shoulders were out of my body. he ended up having a pneumothorax and was in an oxygen tent and had some brain matter damaged also (FYI this damage has 'self-healed' and he is completely fine now THANK GOD). the OB and hospital told me that all of this was due to the cord being wrapped around his neck and lack of oxygen to lungs/brain. now i've been doing a bit of research and i found that it is no longer common practice to cut the cord before shoulders are born and that doing so can cause major issues with breathing. apparently it's much safer to let the baby be born with a tight nuchal cord than to cut it before he is delivered. there apparently has even been a malpractice lawsuit won about this. now i'm not looking to sue anyone, my son is absolutely unaffected now.. but i'm wondering if what i read is true and if i should be switching OBs this time around.... could the complicatons been from the OB's actions and not the tight nuchal cord?

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