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here is my story: I am a mother of five and expecting another child in April.

baby 1 was a 39 week scheduled csection to do to breech

baby two was a 42 week csection after 16 hours of mild labor (got to 4) and to being induced too fast causing fetal distress (pictocin)

third was a 40 week breech scheduled csection (he flipped at 39 1/2 weeks) he was going to be a vbac but when he flipped they refused to even let me try

baby four was a 40 week vba3c. it was the best experience ever. i had the same midwife for 3 and 4 but the month after having baby 4 the facility quit allowing vbacs

baby five (40 weeks) I attempted another attempted vbac at a bigger hospital but baby's head was stuck on my pubic bone so didn't decend. thinking back I bet he would have dropped had I labored longer.my labors start out very slow and takes me hours to get to just four so during my vbac I wasn't even allowed the option of pain meds until after I reached six.  once I reached 6 I went right to 10 and only pushed for 30 minutes. 

my cuts are all in the right location for a vbac and i'm  going to same facility as the last attempted vbac so I know vbacs are allowed there just not recommended after so many. the facility is listed online under hospitals that fully support vbacs. I'm trying to get my ob to approve a vbca with me. I know my body can do it, with each child ive researched vbacs and am fully aware of risks for both repeat csections and vbacs. my recovery time was uncomparable with vbac to csection. i was able to get up and do things right after birth with vbac but with last csection it took me more than a week to really be able to do much. i know it'll be worse this time. my depression after each csection was horrible too. i didnt even get depressed with the vbac. it was the best experience ever.

I want to labor regardless of whether i can do a vbac or not. with the one child not wanting to come till 42 weeks i want to be sure that this one will be born when ready not when a dr says he has time. its a large city hospital so there would be staff on for any compictions. 

how do I go about getting the care I want and getting the medical staff to see that I understand the risks but still know its better for me and baby to at least try a vbac? 

Thank you,

Amanda Riebe

Henci Goer

(in response to Amanda M Riebe)

Amanda --

The key point in your post is this: "I want to labor regardless of whether i can do a vbac or not. with the one child not wanting to come till 42 weeks i want to be sure that this one will be born when ready not when a dr says he has time." The other key point is that the hospital is prepared to handle urgent complications 24/7 because as you no doubt know, after four cesareans, you are at increased risk of potentially needing an urgent cesarean. 

I'm not knowledgeable about hospital systems, but I expect a big hospital will have people who act as patient advocates. A patient advocate will know who you need to talk to and (hopefully) will represent your interests and act as a liaison between you and the hospital. The bottom line is that every competent adult has the right to refuse surgery and pregnancy does not deprive women of that right. Informed consent is meaningless unless there is also the possibility of informed refusal. This pamphlet on the rights of childbearing women can prove helpful in explaining your rights. The position I suggest taking is that you are exercising your right to refuse surgery and wanting to plan with obstetric staff on how to maximize your chances for a safe, healthy VBAC labor. You may also wish to discuss under what conditions you would agree, or consider agreeing, to a cesarean either before or during labor. Finally, I hope this will not be the case, but during discussions stay alert for scare tactics. Reject arguments based in attempts to manipulate your feelings, as opposed to making decisions based on objectively presented information.  

~ Henci  

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