Posibility of VBAC after 2 previous laparoscopies

Tarryn Swartz

Posibility of VBAC after 2 previous laparoscopies
Hi Henci,
I've been doing some research on VBAC and feel really depressed about being  pregnant again because I feel so isolated in terms of the birthing options  available to me. I had a cesarean with my first child because the nurse said the  labor was too long and I wasn't dilating as I should (I was at 6cm in 15hours.)  I was young and tired and agreed to have the cesarean section, which I really regret now. 4 years later I am 6weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and I want to give natural birth but  it seems as if no one wants to consider it. I have had 2 previous laparoscopies to  treat endometriosis, will this in combination with the ceasar render me an unfit  candidate for a VBAC? I want a big family and can't imagine having more cesarean deliveries. I have read about the trail of labour after cesarean section (TOLAC) could I be viable for this?
Please help, I need more information.
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Henci Goer

RE: Posibility of VBAC after 2 previous laparoscopies
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I would consult an ob/gyn about this, but while there is some concern about the effect of uterine surgery (for fibroid tumors, for example) on the safety of planned VBAC, I don't see how having had laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis would make a difference--unless it involved the uterine scar. Choose an ob/gyn who ordinarily is in favor of VBAC so you can trust the doctor's judgment if you are told VBAC isn't a good idea.  In so far as general information goes, you can get good, evidence-based information here and here.

~ Henci

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