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I'm actually posting this question for my sister.

She is expecting her second baby in June and with her first son she had a 12 hour labour with an assisted forcep birth (because he was 9 14) and the result of this was a 4th degree tear. She was told by her pervious OB to have a c-section to aviod further damage to her pelvic floor but she chose to go with a Midwife and they have decided to try a natural birth and if it looks like she is going to tear again badly they will do a c-section...Our question is: I've seen information that says c-sections don't prevent damage to the pelvic floor, so would she be better off not having a c-section as an option at all or in her case does it offer some protection since there was a lot of damage the first time. Her pregnancies are also very close together the boys will be 14 months apart.

Thank you!

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RE: C-Section
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I may be wrong, but I think that the previous OB was concerned not about damage to the pelvic floor but about another anal sphincter tear. (A 4th-degree tear is a tear completely through the anal sphincter muscle.) I have already written about the likelihood of a repeat anal sphincter tear on this forum. You can find the thread here. Please get back to me if reading through this thread doesn't answer your question.

~ Henci

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