Labor after gastric bypass?


Labor after gastric bypass?

Are there any studies? Any contraindications to a natural labor and delivery or any particular interventions? Thanks!

Henci Goer

RE: Labor after gastric bypass?
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I ran a search on PubMed on the terms "labor, obstetric" and "gastric bypass" and came up with this study. I don't have access to the study, though, to see what were the labor complications mentioned in the abstract. PubMed gives you a list of "related articles" when you call up a study, so I clicked on this review, published in 2009, which found that there could be nutritional problems during the pregnancy. The review can be accessed for free here, so I skimmed it and found that it reported similar cesarean rates rates to those in high BMI women. Another "related article" listing was this review, published in 2012, which said more or less the same thing as the earlier review in its abstract, that is, that there may be nutritionally related complications and that the effect on cesarean rate is unclear. Taken together, I would conclude that while pregnancy after gastric bypass increases the risk of some complications, there is nothing to suggest that labor requires anything special or different provided the woman and fetus are healthy at its onset.

~ Henci 

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