Flu shots during pregnancy

Alexis Maxon

Flu shots during pregnancy
Is it actually unsafe NOT to have a flu shot while pregnant? I have only been partially immunized, and have never had a flu shot, nor do I consider them to be beneficial to my health. But after receiving some opposition to my stance on this, I would like to know more! Is it worth the risk to have the flu shot? Would I be putting my baby in danger because of NOT having a flu shot?

Henci Goer

RE: Flu shots during pregnancy
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Yes, it is unsafe to forgo flu immunization. Here is info on pregnancy & flu shots from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. I found it by searching on MedlinePlus, the U.S. National Library of Medicine's consumer health website, my go-to website for trustworthy health info. As you can see, the flu vaccine is safe, and the likelihood of serious illness from contracting influenza is higher in pregnancy. (FYI: This is probably because the immune system is partially suppressed in pregnancy to protect the fetus, who, from the immune system's point of view, is foreign protein.)  

~ Henci 

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