2nd "VBAC"

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2nd "VBAC"

Hi Henci,

I am wondering if there is any literature you can point me to regarding the safety of a vaginal birth after a VBAC. I have heard a physician stating that the risk of uterine rupture increases, and I am wondering what the research on this subject says.

Thank you!

Henci Goer

RE: 2nd "VBAC"
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Oh, my. The facts are exactly the reverse. Having a VBAC greatly decreases the risk of scar rupture and increases likelihood of vaginal birth in subsequent pregnancies. Among the three studies on this topic, 3 to 17 fewer women per 1000 with a prior VBAC experienced scar rupture compared with women with no prior VBAC. Among the seven studies reporting VBAC rates, six of the seven reported rates of 90-97% with prior VBAC vs. 70-76% with no prior VBAC. The seventh study reported a rate of 81% with prior VBAC vs. 60% with no prior VBAC. Once a woman has a VBAC under her belt, so to speak, she is almost certain to go on having uneventful VBACs.

~ Henci

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