Aviding excessive bleeding during and after natural childbirth?

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Aviding excessive bleeding during and after natural childbirth?

I am currently 27 weeks pregnant with my 2nd. I had a completely natural birth with my first but I lost alot of blood and they ended up giving me a shot of petocin after birth to help clotting start. Is there anything I can do to decrease my chances of heavy bleeding this time around? I have heard that Vitamin K and Iron are important in aiding the clotting process. If I load up on foods high in these two things will that help?


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RE: Aviding excessive bleeding during and after natural childbirth?
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I haven't researched what actions you can take in pregnancy that could reduce bleeding at the birth, but I can tell you what labor management practices increase postpartum bleeding. At the top of the list is oxytocin (Pitocin or "Pit") to induce or augment labor. The higher the dose rate and the longer the time you are receiving oxytocin, the greater the likelihood of excessive postpartum bleeding. Epidurals are associated with excess postpartum bleeding probably because they increase use of oxytocin and because they increase likelihood of instrumental vaginal delivery, another factor associated with excessive bleeding. Episiotomy is as well.

After the birth, delaying cord clamping is good for you as well as your baby because as the baby recovers the blood circulating through the placenta, the drainage helps the placenta to peel quickly, easily and completely off the uterine wall. It helps as well to have your baby skin-to-skin on your chest because even nuzzling your breast stimulates you to produce your own oxytocin. Finally, as you experienced at your previous birth, if necessary, a shot of oxytocin helps the uterus clamp down and shut off bleeding. 

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