Vba2c Labors Longer, more difficult?

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Vba2c Labors Longer, more difficult?

A Doula friend who has attended three Vba2cs in the past two months has observed that her Vba2c clients have had much longer labors, days of irregular contractions, and overall a much longer process than that of her non Vbac clients. Is there a reason for this? Physiological or Psychological? Any research on it?

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RE: Vba2c Labors Longer, more difficult?
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I don't know whether VBA2C vs. VBA1C makes a difference, but we do have studies showing that VBAC labors tend to be longer compared with women who birthed vaginally the first time. Here is one, and here is another. I can think of both psychological (increased anxiety, for ex.) and physiological (women with prior c/sec would be more likely to be women who progress at a more leisurely pace, for ex.) reasons, but the take-home pay is that clinicians should expect VBAC labors to progress more like 1st labors than labors in women with prior births. 

~ Henci 

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