Cervical Scars and Dilation

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Cervical Scars and Dilation

I'm an LCCE and doula and I've been hearing a lot about the effects that cervical scars might have on dilation during labor.  Personally, I have had 2 clients with IUIs, both "slow" or stalled during labor and both ended up with c-sections.  I saw a post from about a year ago and there was no reserach or evidence to back this up.  I'm wondering if there is any new reserach out there.  I've searched the internet, Cochrane Collaboration and NIH and I'm still only finding anecdotal information.  Hoping to see more evidence surrounding this soon!



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RE: Cervical Scars and Dilation
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I have never tried to research this; however, I have heard this anecdotally as well. I just tried an internet search on "cervical massage scar tissue" and turned up this and  this as the first two options. My feeling is that while the evidence is only anecdotal, there seems to be little potential for harm, so why not try it, especially if the alternative is cesarean surgery?

~ Henci

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