Twins and Constant Fetal Monitoring

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Twins and Constant Fetal Monitoring

A friend of mine is currently 34 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins.  Both babes are currently head-down and she is planning a natural hospital birth.  A little over a week ago she had some preterm labor (resolved with a steroid shot), during which she was put on constant fetal monitoring for three extremely unpleasant hours; she was not permitted to move at all during this time.  She is drawing up her birth plan and would like to request intermittent fetal monitoring, but is expecting quite a bit of pushback from her midwives and the general hospital staff.  Are there any articles available on the risks/benefits of constant fetal monitoring vs. intermittent monitoring in the vaginal delivery of multiples? 



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RE: Twins and Constant Fetal Monitoring
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I wish I could be more helpful, but there aren't any that I'm aware of. I just ran a search of PubMed on the terms "cardiotocography" and "twins" and turned up nothing relevant.

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