33.3 weeks/GD/ob thinks preterm labor/steroids for lungs

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33.3 weeks/GD/ob thinks preterm labor/steroids for lungs


I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays! I have recently been diagnosed with gestational diabetes/insulin dependent and my prenatal care is now considered "high risk" and can no longer be managed by the midwives that I was seeing.  This is a great disappointment to me.  I have NST's 2x per week along with once a week ob appointments.  My dilemma is that I am currently 33.3 weeks pregnant and about a week ago during an NST it was discovered that I was having contractions along with and what the ob describes as "uterine irritation."  My cervix was closed but yesterday when my contractions did not subside with medication I was sent to the hospital and found out that I am 1 centimeter dilated.  I had a fetal fibronectin test and I will get the results tomorrow.  They stated that if the test is positive they will want to give me steroids to beef up up the baby's lungs.  I am concerned that if they do give me the steroids it will make my blood sugar go nuts.  My sugar has already been very difficult to manage.  It seems like the steroids may have more of a negative impact given that the baby is almost 34 weeks and they told me they do not recommend giving steroids after that point.  Not sure what to do...

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The key issue here is that you want to be making informed decisions based on knowledge of the benefits versus harms of your options. The Childbirth Connection website has some good information on this. FYI: In case bed rest is recommended to prevent preterm birth, while it might not be a bad idea to take it easy, bed rest has not been shown to be effective at preventing preterm birth and it has harms.

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