Surrogate and Biological parent birth

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Surrogate and Biological parent birth

My daughter will give birth (as a surrogate) to twin boys in February. The biological parents will be present at the birth to receive their babies. I will be the doula.

Here are my questions:

When these babies are born, should they be put "skin to skin" on their biological parents chests or washed and cleaned and then given to the parents or ??

How do all of you see this birth happening so that the real parents become part of the birth picture?


What thoughts would you share with the biological parents?


Please share any and all thoughts and ideas with me.

Henci Goer

RE: Surrogate and Biological parent birth
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My specialty is what the research shows to be safe and healthy birth practices. Among them is putting babies skin-to-skin after birth, provided, of course, the baby doesn't require immediate nursery care. The babies' adoptive parents could put them skin-to-skin, no washing necessary--in fact, washing could chill them, although they could be wiped gently to remove blood or other secretions. To preserve modesty, the adopting mom might want to put on one of the hospital gowns like a robe with the opening in the front. 

One more thing: if this isn't already routine practice where your daughter will be delivering, insist on waiting until their umbilical cords stop pulsing before clamping them. Early cord clamping deprives infants of a substantial proportion of their blood supply, which is good for full-term babies and crucial in preemies, which twins are more likely to be.

-- Henci

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