Single artery umbilical cord

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Single artery umbilical cord

I am 24 weeks along, and just found our yesterday that our baby probably has a single artery umbilical cord. We go in a week to have a targeted ultrasound for a cloer look. My Dr. says there are no other sign of compications or anything to be worried about, but I can't help but worry. I don't know much about the effects there could be on the baby, I have heard an amnio test should be performed, but I declined all the afp test and the other marker tests. Everything I seem to find on line is more of a blog type entry and not sound medical fact. Can you please help me with this? Oh yes, I have also had gastric by-pass surgery, and one thing I have read a lot is, Low Birth Weight is common because the baby doesnt get as much food, does that heighten my baby's risks? Thank you for your time.                                                   -Savanah

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RE: Single artery umbilical cord
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This isn't something that I know about, but I searched my favorite consumer medical information website, Medline Plus, using the term "single umbilical artery" and came up with this. I hope it helps.

-- Henci

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