eating/drinking during labor

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eating/drinking during labor

I read the recent medical report on the Lamaze website that encourages eating and drinking during labor to maintain energy levels during labor. Can you give some examples of good things to eat and drink? I had heard that the mom's digestive system shuts down to some extent. So what is likely to be possible and helpful to eat/drink?


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RE: eating/drinking during labor
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Common sense would dictate eating and drinking things that are easy on the stomach: low in fiber, not fatty, not spicy, not loaded with sugar or very salty, not icy cold. What that might be would depend on the woman's usual diet and personal preferences. It would also make sense to eat small portions at more frequent intervals and not to push eating if the woman doesn't feel like it. Come to that, don't push women to drink more than they want to either. There are cases in the research of fluid overload--a potentially serious electrolyte imbalance--doubtless due to overenthusiastic adherence to the advice to keep well hydrated.

-- Henci 

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