cytotec FDA approved?

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cytotec FDA approved?

I am hoping you can help answer this question for me.  Yesterday, along with my childbirth educator colleagues, I attended a meeting with an assistant director of our local in-hospital childbirth center.  The subject of inductions came up...we asked what the hospital was using and were told that cytotec continued to be one of the 3 major induction agents.  We were also told that cytotec now has FDA approval for this use.  I questioned this, saying that as I remembered it, FDA approved a label change (removing the most dire black label warning) but that was not the same as making cytotec a currently FDA "approved" drug for use in pregnancy/labor.  We were reassured that cytotec is FDA approved for this use and has been since 2002.

    So...what is the official status of cytotec?  Thank you for any help you can give me with this.

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RE: cytotec FDA approved?
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I have a guest blog post on Science and Sensibility that answers your question at. I checked the FDA site when writing the post and did not find any update or change in status since 2002.
-- Henci

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