nitrous oxide during labour and birth

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nitrous oxide during labour and birth

Nitrous oxide is available to women during labour and birth in Canada, the UK, and many other nations. Any idea why it is not used in the US?


Also, I'm just wondering what your take is on the use of nitrous oxide during labour? What are the risks and benefits? Do you think it should be an option for labouring women in the US?

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RE: nitrous oxide during labour and birth
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According to this systematic review, it is safe, and women find it helpful. This commentary from the same seminar containing the review offers an explanation of why NO2 isn't used more in the U.S., which could be summed up by saying that for a variety of reasons, epidurals have crowded out all other options. Judith Rooks, CNM, is interested in promoting its use in the U.S. I searched on her name and "nitrous oxide" and got these results on Yahoo. You may find her writing on the topic informative, and it will probably lead you to other sources.

-- Henci

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