seeking info about sleeping/laying on one's back while pregnant?

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seeking info about sleeping/laying on one's back while pregnant?

I am most comfortable sleeping and lying flat on my back, but have heard this can cause decreased blood flow to the fetus. I have asked a range of health care workers about this and I get different responses. Some say it is alright as long as I'm comfortable, others say I can put a pillow under one hip or under my torso, and others said it was ok until I got bigger.

I am now 30 weeks, farily tall, and definitely pregnant, but not nearly bursting as much as many seem to at this point. So I don't know if I'm considered "big" or not yet.... It is still very comfortable for me to lie on my back. The only noticable thing is that kicks and such can feel stronger and sometimes I feel a pulsing, but neither is uncomfortable.

Anyone have any thoughts?


Henci Goer

RE: seeking info about sleeping/laying on one's back while pregnant?
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I would apply a little common sense. If going about our lives normally was harmful, none of us would be here. It is true that in labor, and especially during pushing, lying on your back can sometimes be a problem because the weight of your baby and uterus is on top of the big arteries serving the placenta, but during labor you have contractions and during second stage labor, you are bearing down in addition, which are extra stressors. Women in labor who aren’t numbed by an epidural instinctively find the positions that feel most comfortable and during pushing, that feel most comfortable and effective, and it’s safe to say it’s a rare woman who would choose to lie on her back or stay there for long if she did. It just doesn’t feel good. Sleep however you are comfortable.

-- Henci

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