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recomended literature
My daughter is having her first baby and is fairly terrified I bought her a book called Preparation for Birth: The Complete Guide to the Lamaze and I am afraid the comments left in there by other women completely freaked her out even more, so I am looking for another....... is the The official Lamaze Guide Giving Birth with Confidence any better?
Also do you have any classes in London? Please can you help

Henci Goer

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I have nothing but praise for The Official Lamaze Guide. I also recommend Ina May Gaskin's book, Ina May's Guide to Childbirth for solid, common sense, reassuring information. And if you and your daughter are looking for a book to help your daughter make informed choices about her care, there is my book, The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth. Finally, on this page, you and your daughter can watch the set of seven "Healthy Birth Practices," which should prove helpful. As for finding a Lamaze educator, I ran a search on "England" on  Lamaze's "find an educator" page, and didn't turn up anyone. Sorry about that.

-- Henci

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