At Birth Vaccinations HebB and BCG

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At Birth Vaccinations HebB and BCG

Dear Ms. Goer,

I'm giving birth in China and it's standard practice here to give Hep B and BCG Vaccinations as well as Vitimine K at birth. (They usually give it the minute the baby comes out and the cord is cut)

I've read alot about these two vaccinations and I'm really not sure how I feel about them. On the one hand it seems really really young (not an hour old) to be giving these shots to a baby.

On the other hand we do live in a country where TB and Hep B run rampid. So many people here have TB and if you ride the subway you're probably sitting next to some one how has it (and they don't cover their mouths when they cough on you). We have alot of local friends and I want them to be a part of Baby's life but I also want to protect her and keep her safe.

Also, I know that in the states we concider Hep B a sexually transmitted decese. But I'm pretty sure it can also be passed via fecal matter contamination (please correct me if i'm wrong). I love our friends (most of them local) and I don't mind and even like living here, but the hygine is not what it is in the states at all. So I wonder what the best choises are for our baby and keeping her safe and healthy. Especially since Hep B is not currable. Should I just go with this vaccination to keep baby safe?

Thank you again and again for your work in helping mothers be informed.





Henci Goer

RE: At Birth Vaccinations HebB and BCG
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I have not studied the research on vaccinations. Here is a website and another website that may be able to help you find good information on which to base your decision.

-- Henci

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