Homebirth after Leep Procedure --- safe & possible?

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Homebirth after Leep Procedure --- safe & possible?

My friend recently had a homebirth and I was privelaged to be at her home while she labored/delivered the baby and I was convinced THIS IS THE WAY! I am actually 8 weeks pregnant, and am debating what to do. I had a LEEP procedure done where they removed 1cm of my cervix, my OB said it wasn't a lot and shouldn't cause any complications (I've done a lot of research on this as well) but they would do vaginal ultrasounds throughout my next pregnancy to assure my cervix was not thinning out prematurely. I am wondering if it would be safe to be in the care of a midwife and do a home birth rather than have to mess around with all that hospital stuff!

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RE: Homebirth after Leep Procedure --- safe & possible?
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I think your best bet would be to discuss this with your chosen midwife. However, as I understand it, the risk of having this procedure is that it may lead to preterm labor. If you went into labor too early for the baby to be born at home, your care would be transferred to a hospital. This would be the case for any pregnant or laboring woman planning home birth who develops a complication requiring the resources of a hospital. 

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