Vbac after 2 C-sections

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Vbac after 2 C-sections

I have beeb doing research on the possibility of having a vbac even though I have had two C/sections. My reasons for the sections were both the same, I did not dilate. I did start some back labor with my second pregnancy but was told by a nurse that i "wasn;t in real labor" this of course broke my heart. with my first pregnancy I was a 4 day failed induction, no dilation, no contractions , no pain, nothing. I really feel that in both cases my body was just not ready. I need to know if I should even hope for a vaginal delivery or if I should just repeat the surgery. I would prefer to do it the way the Lord intented it, if it is possible, do you know of any midwive groups int the area the could help me. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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RE: Vbac after 2 C-sections
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Based on your story, you do not know what your body will do if given the chance. Your problem, though, will be in finding a care provider who will give it that chance. Your best odds of finding one are to tap into your local network. If there is a local chapter of the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN), people there will probably be able to direct you to someone. The doulas and childbirth eds. (maybe not, though, if she is just a nurse who teaches for the hospital) are likely to know who is VBAC friendly too. Some communities have pregnancy resource centers run by local birth activists. There are some commercial ones around now too, but I don't expect you would find what you need at one of those.  

-- Henci

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