an open letter to Amy Tuteur

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an open letter to Amy Tuteur
So, Amy, after thinking things over, I’ve come up with a new set of rules of the game: In future, if you disagree with something on this Forum, you are welcome to take your best shot, but you only get one bite at the apple. I’ll respond, but any further posts you make on the same topic will be deleted. After all, fair is fair. You have your own blog for your rants. I’m not obliged to give you a platform for them on mine. This new plan has the following benefits for me and Normal Birth Forum readers:

First and foremost, you will allow me and other normal birth advocates to gain insight into how adversaries of normal birth like you think while providing me an unparalleled opportunity to expose and dismantle their fallacies, illogic, and the extent to which they are willing to misrepresent the evidence. I couldn’t ask for a better teaching tool, so, please, fire away.

Second, it is not completely outside of the realm of possibility that you will come up with a valid criticism or a useful bit of information. If you do, I promise I’ll acknowledge it.

Third, you appear to be driving traffic to my site. I would not be so unscientific as to claim causality, but there has been a definite uptick in registered members since you began posting here and about me on your own blog. Who knows how many additional lurkers there may be. Let me thank you for the boost if, in fact, you are responsible.

Finally, I’m happy to spend the time. Lamaze International pays me by the hour.

Henci Goer
By: Henci Goer

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