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Push for Your Baby

Become a Top-Notch Pregnancy Partner: What You Need to Know


Be sure to check out our Tips for Becoming a Top-Notch Pregnancy Partner for more helpful information.

Every dad and birth partner has an important role to play in supporting the safest, healthiest birth possible. Watch Lamaze’s free webinar on what every birth partner needs to know.

Your partner is pregnant and the big day is almost here! Are you prepared to support her in having the safest and healthiest experience possible? This is your opportunity to get armed with important information that will help you in your role supporting your partner; and your chance to ensure positive outcomes for mom and baby!

The “Becoming a Top-Notch Pregnancy Partner: What Every Partner Needs to Know” webcast will prepare you to:

  • Recognize the importance of your role in closing gaps in “routine” care versus evidence-based best practices for labor and birth.
  • Facilitate a safe and healthy labor and birth by choosing the right provider, becoming familiar with hospital/provider practices, and learning mom’s preferences early in the pregnancy.
  • Identify the milestones that occur at the end of pregnancy and help signal when it’s time to gear up for labor and birth.
  • Feel comfortable and confident when you need to advocate and negotiate for mom's preferences.
  • Identify resources available to help you both prepare for the optimal labor and delivery.

Your presenters are Debbie Petersburg, LCCE, FACCE, experienced Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and Paul Walsh, financial attorney and father of three.

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Debbie Petersburg, LCCE, FACCE and Attorney Paul Walsh