Soulful Moaning by Mignon Lott

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Soulful Moaning

By Mignon Lott, Highland Park, MI

Going into the labor and delivery scene for the fourth time I figured I could do this with no problem. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!? Well as we all know, it's no walk in the park... Hence the word "Labor". So, after laboring in my sons bed for roughly 8 hours I decided to follow the first suggestion given by my lamaze instructor, Walk. Walking helped relieve the pain in my back and ease the nausea somehow. Since I'm not one for needles, and apparently neither are my veins cause they roll out the way, once I finally arrived at the hospital 12 hours in I had to continue with the second suggestion, Moaning. When the contractions began to reach deep into the pit of your gut all you can do is go back to where it all began. With each deep breath in, I let out a long, slow, throaty moan. Each bellow carried me through to the finale. Well, what I thought was the finale, until the nurses said with gleeful delight,"You're doing so well, but the be baby isn't facing the right way, you can't push till she turns around. You're going to have to STAND UP and rock......" Lord Have Mercy! Almost 20 hours in of hard Labor and you want me to what? Not happening, but what I could do was rock on that ball the lamaze instructor talked about! Bring it on! No sooner than I hopped on that birthing ball, lil Ms. Dawn Mignon found her way into the birth canal and and I was pushing with all my might!! Twenty two hours later The Dawn had arrived!

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