First Baby of the New Year by Jodie Harris

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First Baby of the New Year

By Jodie Harris, Wabeno, WI

Early on in my fourth pregnancy, my doctor was already talking about ‘induction and or scheduling a c-section’ because I am a VBAC with a history of very fast labors who lives 50 minutes from the nearest hospital (needless to say, I was a ‘risky’ delivery for our small hospital) Of course, I wanted to have a safe birth, still, I was determined to have this baby natural. I searched for support of my decision and found the Lamaze Website. I read everything I could about the Healthy Birth Practices. Even though I had given birth 3 other times, I still could not get enough of the information provided on the Lamaze Website: videos, blogs, and evidenced based medical information. Though my husband was supportive of a natural birth (by this point in our relationship, he knows I will get what I wantJ), he definitely was nervous of how fast this labor would be. (He missed the birth of our 3rd child because I delivered faster than he could get to the hospital) Because our small hospital’s policy did not support a VBAC, I was left to deliver at a larger hospital, further away. On New Year’s Eve, my family and I traveled to my sister-in-law’s house for a end-of-year celebration. Two weeks early, I started with contractions about 8:00 p.m. I was fortunate to have a supportive mother-in-law for the long ride to the hospital and once there, my mom was there, too. A snowstorm made the long ride about 45 minutes longer and delayed the doctors arrival to the hospital. At 1220 a.m. (about 15 minutes after the Doctor arrived) on January 1st 2012, our Baby Willard Jon came into this world, un-medicated and ready to breastfeed. As a mom who has successfully delivered 3 children naturally, I would highly recommend any pregnant mom to research all Lamaze has to offer. Not only is knowledge power, it decreases fear and helps a mom be confident her body was made to give birth. I would encourage her to find support in her decisions, before, during and after labor. Using the website fit well into my busy schedule, it gave me the confidence to “Push” for what is best for my baby.

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