Trust Your Body by Andrea Collins

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Trust Your Body

By Andrea Collins, Dayton, OH

I think how a mother gives birth should be more important than planning a wedding. This is something that will stick with your family for possibly generations! The best possible birth to me is to birth without fear, without negativity, and to feel safe wherever and however I choose to give birth.

I did a great yoga DVD that Lamaze affiliated and had access to Lamaze on my computer which was very helpful.

I never took a "class" but from all the info I've read, my best advise through pregnancy and birth would be to trust your body and instincts. If there's ever a question as to whether to trust your ob, mw...look it up and research it yourself and then get a 2nd opinion! I did home birth for 2 out of 3 of my births and would definitely recommend it!

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