Making Time for Childbirth Classes: A How-to Guide

One of the biggest arguments made for moms or couples who don't attend childbirth classes is "I/we don't have time." And in today's over-scheduled, over-committed and over-worked life, it's true that many (often too many) things compete for your time. On our blog, we've already presented reasons why attending childbirth classes are worth your time; now we're going to talk about how to make that time.

When are classes offered? Before you do anything, find out when the classes you want to take are offered. Typically, childbirth classes are offered on one weekday evening for 4-6 weeks or during the day over the span of a weekend.

What's on your calendar? One of the best ways to get a complete picture of your day-to-day is to see it, visually represented, in front of you. You can do this simply with pen and paper or you can craft an Excel spreadsheet of your schedule (here's a cool template).

Establish your non-negotiables. For many of us, this is work. But for pregnant mamas, it's also things like 8 hours of sleep, yoga, or naps. Star these items on your schedule.

Determine what can be rearranged, delegated, or rescheduled. Would your boss allow you to trade shifts with a coworker for a few weeks so you can have the time to go to class? Would a neighbor come by to let your dog out so you can go straight from work to class?  Can you push back a dinner date to the following weekend? Will a friend watch your other child(ren)?

If all else fails. If your schedule truly does not allow you to attend the childbirth class of your choice during the time it's offered, call the instructor of the class and find out if she offers any alternative times or teaches private/in-home courses. Good childbirth educators are passionate about what they do and may be willing to do what it takes to help you prepare for birth!


How do you plan to make time to attend childbirth classes? For moms who have given birth, how did you fit it into your schedule?


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