Pregnancy and the Holiday Dinner

 This week, millions of people across the United States will gather together to enjoy the Thanksgiving tradition of reuniting with friends and family, giving thanks, and eating. A lot. When you're pregnant, eating a lot of food (or any food at all) in one sitting may not sit well with your body. With this in mind, there are things you can do to stay comfortable, ward off the antacids, and enjoy your holiday feast.


BYO crackers  If you're in your first trimester and experiencing nausea, consider bringing your own side dish to dinner crackers. No one will care that you can't partake in Grandma's favorite casserole or pumpkin pie more for them!

Drink up  Well, not those kinds of drinks. It's easy to get caught up in conversation, cooking, and merry-making when among friends and family during the holidays -- if you're not remembering to drink, you can become dehydrated. Be sure to keep your glass filled.

Have seconds  And thirds, and fourths. If you're in your third trimester, eating a large meal in one sitting may push you past your comfort level. Instead, eat small portions of your holiday meal throughout the afternoon and evening.

Take a break  The holidays are the perfect time to pull the pregnancy card. Feel free to retreat, take a seat, put your feet up growing new life is hard work!

Smile & nod  A growing bump and a family gathering prompts lots of advice, suggestions, and birthing war stories. Some women find it easier to just smile and nod, instead of engaging with the back-and-forth. Or, you can reply with, My doctor/midwife has advised us to ______. It's hard to argue with medical advice! If people feel the need to share a negative birth story, say, Shhh! No scary birth stories the baby is listening!


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