Link Love Round Up: Preparing for Birth

preparing for birthThere are so many, many wonderful resources on the 'net that can help prepare you for birth. I encourage you to take a few moments and click through -- the following links are worth the read!


What's the best position to give birth in...? - Great visual demonstration of the many ways you can give birth.

The Last Days of Pregnancy: A Place of In-Between - In every pregnancy, we all get to this point. This may be just the inspiration you need to keep plugging away.

The Fifth "P" of Birth - The Partner - Your partner is experiencing a journey, too. And just like you, he or she may be feeling nervous and uncertain about your upcoming birth. This article provides gentle guidance to help boost your partner's confidence.

Birth Without Fear - Birth Stories - Sometimes, the best way to mentally prepare for your own birth is to surround yourself with amazing, strong birth stories from other women who have gone before you.

Bringing Your Second (or Third or More!) Baby Home - Fantastic tips to prepare a sibling.


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