Stop Birth Information Overload by Getting Back to Basics

With the wonderful world wide web available to us 24/7, the deluge of information we encounter (and seek out) during pregnancy can feel a lot like drowning. So many choices, so much to learn, so much to digest. There are times when everything seems to come into question -- from what you eat during pregnancy to whether you should create a birth plan (the answer to that last one is yes, you should write a birth plan!). When you cut out the background noise and get back to the basic foundation of a healthy birth, you can better focus your energy on working to achieve the goals that will have the most impact on your birth experience and outcome.

The Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices are easy-to-follow measures that, when used together, add up to good outcomes for birth. Click through to each one for a more complete description along with an informative, short video. To give yourself the best chance of achieving these goals, find out if your care provider supports the practices. 


Did your birth follow some or all of the Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices? Which ones made the most impact? Which ones were the most difficult to achieve?


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