Weekly Reads: Words of Wisdom for First-Time Moms

Ah, the power of hindsight. As a mother of two, I often think about the many silly things I agonized over during the pregnancy, birth and newborn days of my first baby. I spent countless hours poring over books, magazines amom laying with babynd, of course, the Net. Spend a few minutes on Google and youll find a bounty of resources and articlessome good and some, well, less-than-spectacular. Here are a few that I wish I would have read in those early days.   

Things you dont need for a new baby @ SimpleMom
Curing a plugged duct, simply & naturally @ Eco Childs Play
Surviving [unsolicited] baby advice @ MOMformation (BabyCenter)
Set breastfeeding goals and stay flexible @ baby gooroo
Did I just pee& in my pants?! @ Parents Ask

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