Weekly Reads: Challenge Your Perception of Birth

Before birthing a first child, every woman has a perception of childbirth. For some of us, and personally speaking, its the fearful what-my-mother-told-me story that culminates in a Get the epidural! piece of advice, and yet for others its the peaceful and empowering story of a friend or sister who experienced a water birth in the privacy of her own home.Challenging your own deep-seated beliefs about birth is the first step in becoming educated and open to the ways in which childbirth can progress. And chances are, if youve stumbled upon this site, youre interested in learning how to find the beauty, power anddare I say itfun in childbirth (not like getting a pedicure fun; more like running a marathon fun). Take a look at these reads from around the 'Net to see how others have challenged their views.7 ways to have fun during labor @ MotheringPushing, breathing and birthing naturally, even with an epidural @ The Baby Dust DiariesBirth plan 180 @ Dooce (and be sure to read parts 2 and 3 of this storyits beautiful!)Following the urge to push  video @ Birthing Beautiful IdeasCelebrity trend-setting: natural births @ CelebrityBabyScoopBlessingway  a baby shower, revised @ SouleMama

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